Edmondson Park South (New Breeze)


Dahua Group



Project Start Date:

June 2016

Completion Date:



Edmondson Park South (Bardia), NSW


Large scale subdivision construction including realignment of existing major arterial road and services, extensive remediation of former army base, bulk earthworks, sewer, water, electrical, communications reticulation, sports field, Biofiltration basins, open space landscaping and Vegetation management plan (VMP) works.


TRN Group (“TRN”) are part of a successful team involved in the Edmondson Park South (New Breeze) project. This success has come through our ability to co-ordinate our works with the multitude of other contractors working on the project; all driven by an underlying desire to achieve the best possible outcome for our client and the community of Edmondson Park South.


TRN’s ability to consider the bigger picture and develop workable solutions to complex obstacles continues to prove invaluable for our clients. The size and ever evolving nature of the Edmondson Park South project requires a considered approach to our works. By being a constant presence on site and being involved in project planning discussions TRN have been able to save the project and therefore the client considerable effort and money. TRN’s large resource bank of over 400 late model GPS guided machines enabled project timeline to be accomplished and accelerated where required.