Harrington Grove – Precinct I


Dandaloo Pty Ltd


Calibre Consulting



Project Start Date:

June 2014

Project Completion Date:

April 2015



Corner of Dan Cleary Drive & Oran Park Drive, Harrington Grove


Construction of 98 lot residential subdivision including clearing, earthworks, pavement construction, stormwater drainage, reticulation services including electrical, gas, communications, potable water and sewer. Project also included lead in sewer, water and gas services.


The Harrington Grove Development adjoins Harrington Park & Oran Park. This was the 9th consecutive stage of the development completed by TRN Group. The work included construction of lead in services through bush and environmental sensitive areas. We managed the developers’ landscaper on site during the construction of the civil & infrastructure works, producing a landscaped subdivision on completion of the civil works for the market.


There was a significant amount of high strength rock located in deep cut areas which had the potential to result in a high cost for the bulk earthworks. TRN investigated different methods & resulted in adopting methods from the mining sector, reducing the potential cost significantly. This change resulted in the project not running over budget or time.