Harrington Grove – Precinct L, M-NE & Spine Road


Dandaloo Pty Ltd


Calibre Consulting



Project Start Date:

November 2015

Project Completion Date:

March 2016



Corner of Cobbitty Road & Northern Road, Harrington Grove


Construction of 562 lot residential subdivision including earthworks, pavement construction, stormwater drainage, reticulation services including electrical, gas, communications, potable water and sewer.


The Harrington Grove West project was undertaken for Harrington Estates and is part of the larger Harrington Grove development in South West Sydney, completed by TRN Group in previous years. In addition to the normal works undertaken in subdivision construction we were required to construct lead in sewer reticulation mains, distributor roads, RMS works associated with connection with existing Northern Road and culvert construction in existing water course. A new roundabout was constructed on the existing Cobbitty Road which is the only access for Macarthur Anglican School. These works were staged to cause minimal disruption to the school during the Higher School Certificate exam period. The works were staged to suit our clients’ market requirements. Extensive coordination of the construction between TRN and the project team was required to achieve completion dates whilst managing the service approval times with construction.