The Acres – Tahmoor


River Road Developments



Project Start Date:

May 2018

Completion Date:

January 2019


165-195 River Rd, Tahmoor, NSW


Construction of Stage 1,2 & 3 Bulk earthworks, civil works, servicing & landscaping, lead-in road, and major asset up grades.


The River Rd development is located at the end of the River Rd Tahmoor. Tahmoor being located about 10minutes south of the historic township of Picton and about 30 minutes south of Camden. This project involved the full reconstruction of 700m of River Rd, including upgrading watermains, HV electrical, NBN and gas. The internal subdivisions consisted of three stages being completed as part of this one contract. The lots being designs with a rural theme about a minimum size being one acre and a total o f70 lots were developed as part of this project. The project also included the construction of various sandstone rock retaining walls and eight large Stormwater 360 gross pollutant traps.


TRN large obstruction being the re-construct of the lead-in road while also completing the construction of all three stages of the subdivision. All materials regarded for the subdivision construction were delivered to the site via the River Rd while it was being re-constructed. Intensive planning and communications with residents, council and the client where required to make this project a success.